The Spiritual Brewpub

A Story of Survival, Recovery, and Community - Lang Charters

October 17, 2020

Lang Charters was a highly successful officer in the Air Force when his life was interrupted by a tragic accident that brought him to the brink of death. Lang shares his story of recovery, rehabilitation, and care by a loving community that transformed his life, and along with his deconstruction from conservative theology, taught him lessons for a new paradigm on Jesus and spirituality. Join us for a great conversation about the fragility of life, divine love mirrored in community, empathy for the enemy, pacifism and peacemaking today and in the early church, and yoga wisdom. 

Lang is the author of Falling Into Love: The Transformative Power of Community. Learn more about him and read his blog at Learn how The Spiritual Brewpub can help you come to terms with and deconstruct conservative Christianity at

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