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Becky Garrison’s Journey: Christian Satire, Secular Spirituality, and Progressive American Settler Roger Williams

January 24, 2021

Feather ruffler and author, Becky Garrison, joins Michael to discuss American colonial history, Christian and other forms of satire, examples of secular spirituality in the Pacific Northwest, and certain virtues that we sorely need today. Becky is an investigative journalist; she writes books on religious deconstruction and she's a former writer for the Christian satire magazine, The Wittenburg Door.

Becky has a fascinating life story and cites some great historical lessons learned in her latest book, Roger Williams' Little Book of Virtues. Williams, a distant relative of Becky and an American religious reformer of the 1600s, was banished from the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony to settle Rhode Island. He is considered the founder of the idea of separation of church and state and was way ahead of his time in his fair and just treatment of indigenous people and ideas around freedom of conscious and speech. Grab your favorite brew and settle in for a fascinating conversation! 

Find out more about Becky, her both satirical and serious work, and her new book at Learn more about Michael and The Spiritual Brewpub at

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