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Julie Anne Smith on Spiritual Abuse in the Church

May 2, 2019

Sued by her pastor! Tactics of spiritual abusers. How women are most vulnerable. Julie Anne Smith shares with Michael how she got slapped with a $500,000 lawsuit, uncovered abuse in her church and among evangelicals, and how patriarchal theology harms women. Hear this lively conversation as they discuss the prevalence and roots of spiritual abuse, including:

  • Tactics and teachings that cause religious abuse
  • How women are especially harmed
  • Examples of church abuse in Sovereign Grace Ministries, Pastor Mark Driscoll, Bill Gothard, Promise Keepers, the Quiverfull movement, and conservative evangelical churches
  • Narcissists and control freaks in the church
  • How it fuels faith shifts and non-belief
  • Exposing legalistic teachings and helping victims
  • Finding solace and healing from spiritual abuse
  • How historical study helps you rethink traditional views of the Bible
  • Julie Anne’s safe haven for exposing abuse and healing: The Spiritual Sounding Board

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