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We Love You, But You’re Going to Hell - Dr. Kim O’Reilly

November 24, 2020

Michael interviews Kim O'Reilly on her story coming out of a conservative church movement as a lesbian. Learn how she navigated deconstructing evangelical/fundamentalist theology and how her relationship with her minister father evolved to a more peaceful place despite him still disagreeing with her. Kim is a professor of cultural and diversity studies and a teacher of conflict resolution.

Join us as we discuss her book, "We Love You, But You're Going to Hell: Christians and Homosexuality." It's a non-confrontational study of the conflict surrounding Christian faith, Scriptures, and homosexuality. It addresses the dichotomy of love and condemnation, sincerely expressed by Christians – and the pain experienced by gays and lesbians.

Find answers to why conservative and more liberal Christians and secularists are in conflict. Discover the important historical and cultural contexts of the Bible verses on the topic. See how to move toward a place of empathy and compassion, no matter your stance on biblical interpretation. Learn the original intent of authors of scripture on the topic and how to weigh the prevailing love ethic of Jesus. 

Learn more about Kim at and buy her book on Amazon. Learn more about Michael's vision for this podcast at The Spiritual Brewpub

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